Sunday, August 28, 2011

Picture of the Day, Weeks 33 & 34

I have to get back into the routine of taking photos. I have been so involved in the whole process of moving that my camera literally has a total of 22 photos on it from the past two weeks. And there's not a single one of all the packing I did at my old house! Unthinkable. :) I admit it was a struggle to find 14 photos to use for two weeks of POTDs --- but with the help of my mom's and my mother-in-law's cameras, I at least found something to date for each day.

Here's to better planning...and more picture-taking!

Sunday {8.14.11}
I gave a little shout out to my friends on Facebook that I was in dire need of cake. Lots and lots of cake. A few sweet, and local, friends spoiled me. Oh it was good. Really, really good.

Monday {8.15.11}
The boys continued their special stay with Grandma and Grandpa in Pella. Their stay included coloring...

Tuesday {8.16.11}

Wednesday {8.17.11}
...water play...

Thursday {8.18.11}
...and getting their scare on at the Dairy Queen play place. But really, Drew had a great time there...I just love this expression on his face!

Friday {8.19.11}
We picked up the moving truck late this afternoon in preparation for Saturday's big move!

Saturday {8.20.11}
It was hard to choose just one photo from today's major life changing event. I'll probably end up including quite a few in our album, but I feel like this one best captures our day: so many friends and family there to help, lots of stuff to load, with only a few moments of extreme chaos mixed in!

Sunday {8.21.11}
We arrived in MN just after midnight on Saturday, only to wake up Sunday morning to have to unpack all of it! That baby was packed to the brim! If only we had the help to unpack like we did to pack. :) Lucky brother Jeremy ended up doing the work of 15 men!

Monday {8.22.11}
My boys' bedroom is my old room - the one that's been mine since the 6th grade. My mom made a few special signs to greet us as we moved in - this one was just for the boys.

Tuesday {8.23.11}
My mom took the boys shopping tonight to pick out their own bedsheets. {A simple expression of love to allow the boys to feel like Grammy and Papa's house is their house, too.} They both picked out McQueen, of course. (And doesn't he just look stellar alongside that pink flower wallpaper?!?!)

Wednesday {8.24.11}
Just saving some for later.

Thursday {8.25.11}
We are settling in nicely, and much of our stuff has been stored in my parents' basement. One row of boxes lines the wall, with a row of totes and more boxes down the middle. I have a feeling this will end up being a lesson in exactly how much we can live without.

Friday {8.26.11}
The boys' imaginative play is booming, and I continue to be impressed with how well these two can play together {sometimes}. This afternoon, they were washing and drying the dishes. And the food. :)

Saturday {8.27.11}
More lessons in domesticity: Reed loves to help in the kitchen, and he gave our homemade pizza the finishing touches it needed to make it de-lish!


  1. I've missed seeing your photos. So glad the moving went smoothly. The hardest part is unloading that big truck when you move, after a tiring day of packing it of course. The pictures of the boys are all cute. Good luck in the move and have a happy week.

  2. Looks like you did great finding pics for all 14 days. Good luck unpacking...ugh!