Friday, August 26, 2011

Settling In

I have been thinking about my little corner of the blogosphere all week long, but then I stop thinking about it because, quite frankly, it exhausts me. I'm honestly surprised I'm not wrapped in cloth and lying in a wooden box right now (you know, like a zombie, for those that are a little slow on the uptake today). My body has started to rebel against me, and although I am not physically ill (which I am completely and utterly shocked about, but very very thankful for)...I am absolutely drained. I spoke with a friend on the phone a couple days ago, and she said she could hear in my voice how less stressed I am now as compared to three weeks ago when we were eyeball deep in the old drama and stress of our life. If I had a psychology degree (tee!) I might say that all of said drama and stress we left behind when we moved not only works its way out emotionally, but also physically. My body kind of feels like it's gone ten rounds with a punching bag. Or, perhaps more accurately, my body was the punching bag.


But I wanted to hop on the ol' blog to just give a little update on things here. We have been settling into our temporary dwelling place for the past week, as we've situated our stuff and ourselves into my parents' home. Their basement is full of our boxes, and our furniture is housed at a small storage space a few miles down the road. We are very slowly establishing somewhat of a routine as we've kept the boys on track with our usual eating and sleeping times. There is a bit more noise here than at our old house; although the increase in noise is from the boys. Their excitement of having two additional people in the house to play with, as well as the frequent traffic from my brother and his two kids, keeps the boys keyed up and ready for fun. They have settled in nicely to their own play room in the basement, as well as using the three-season porch for additional play space. Brad has secured his "spot" on the couch, and my dad has generously shared his office space to house my scrapbooking and crafting endeavors.

I haven't taken many photos this week - if at all - but I'll be touring the house in the next couple days to give a visual tour of how we are making things work here.

Things are different.

Things are good.

But we could still use your prayers.

1) Prayers for a job. Preferably one in the midwest. Preferably hired before May of next year. Brad has had two interviews in the last two weeks. Prayers that the opportunity to interview with churches would continue to be in abundance, and that God would make it clear as to where He wants us to go.
2) Prayers for patience. For all six of us in this house! (My parents are saints, and have yet to exhibit signs of irritation or annoyance. But please, with me living under their roof again, with my three men in's bound to happen!)
3) Prayers for a smooth transition for Drew into a new school, with new teachers and friends. His first day is September 7th.
4) Prayers for peace. Although our situation is far from ideal, we pray that the stress of it clears so that we can really enjoy this time of being together as a family.

More soon!

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  1. Miss you alot but seems you are settling in to a workable loving atmosphere. The stress of the situation and move are bound to be catching up but God will get you through. Remember bigger and better things for your family---away from this place is the answer. Love you.