Friday, July 9, 2010

Making Memories

It seems like I tell this story a lot.

My parents, or Brad's parents, come to visit and I share the photos.

Much like me when I was a kid, my boys don't have the luxury of living close to either set of grandparents. It takes four hours to get to Pella and seven to make it to Mankato, so it takes planning and usually a considerable amount of effort for us to travel there or for our parents to visit us here.

That alone makes these visits pretty significant.

But what's more is the memories my parents, and Brad's parents, are creating for Drew and Reed.

And I am confident that these are the memories that won't be soon forgotten.

See. We don't do anything "special", per se.

We spend time together.

We play.

We laugh.

We enjoy.

These are the moments.

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