Friday, July 2, 2010

Soccer Stud


"Stud" may not be the right word.

But I'm his mom, and it's important I lift him up, right? :)

Drew and Brad's six weeks of Tot Soccer concluded last night. It's been an interesting six weeks, to say the least. I think that Drew had fun, but there were a few trying and emotional moments. The first two weeks were great. Drew was excited, and participated well, albeit on Brad's coattails! It's a good thing Brad was a volunteer coach...I don't think Drew would have graced the field with his feet if he hadn't been! Beginning with the third week, Drew began to get distracted, and wasn't really sure being in the hot sun, chasing a ball up and down a field, was really all that great. It took a lot of encouragement and (ahem) bribing to get him to participate. (I may have actually told him that I didn't pay $28 for him to sit on the sidelines. Oh yeah, five-star mothering moment right there.) The fourth week was when Drew wasn't feeling well, so the last thing he wanted to do was play soccer (I believe I recall him saying, "Mama, I don't like the sunshine!" Apparently Drew thinks I can do anything, like, say, move the sun!)

That brings us to last week. The coaches, knowing that it wasn't the best idea because come on, we're talking about three and four year olds here, but going on the "encouragement" of some of the parents, decided to try a scrimmage. Like an actual "game" of soccer. Drew didn't quite understand the concept that instead of everyone having their own ball, they were all going to share one ball. And when Coach Brad decided to use Drew's ball as the game ball...oh dear! You can imagine the confusion and torment to poor Drew!

Not a good call, Coach!

Drew muttled through with little to no participation, viewing much of the game from the sidelines.

soccer2010 from Brad Vander Waal on Vimeo.

So. Maybe a soccer player he is not.

Or he's just shy. And sensitive. Very, very sensitive.

I would have to say, though, that last night was great. Drew was active in warm-ups, and was happy and excited. They scrimmaged again, and while Drew still would have preferred to sit by me and watch, he did stick by Brad much of the time. He didn't play, really, but at least he was on the field watching instead of sitting by me!

Then, after playing his favorite soccer drill of red-light-green-light, the night was over and Drew received his participation medal.

Pretty proud moment for this mama. And look at how proud he is!

Here are a few other photos of the last six weeks on the field. We had a pretty good time, minus the mood swings, tears, and the inability to move the sunshine! :)


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