Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rainbows & Clowns

I try to be Supermom.

I pull it off in about one in a gazillion tries.

Every other time, I just fake it.

Or steal it from a real Supermom. :)

On Saturday, we set out to make popsicles (another check off our Summer List!). My original plan was to freeze kool-aid in those plastic popsicle makers. Then I found these pudding pops and had to try them instead!

Here was our process...

Mix pudding in bowl following package instructions.

Add food coloring.

Make level layers of each color in small disposable cups (these are 3oz bathroom cups). (We ran out of colors, so our last cup is only a three color rainbow.) Insert popsicle sticks.

We made them after dinner on Saturday, so we had to let them freeze overnight before we could devour them.

Rainbow Pudding Pops!

They're as big as your head!

And good enough to share.

An added bonus: clown lips!

Easy peasy, and oh so good!

1 comment:

  1. Your pudding pops turned out so cute! I'm going to try and put together a post featuring some of my readers rainbow pudding you mind if I feature yours?