Thursday, July 1, 2010

Picnic in the Park

It's July 1.


I'll bet you're wondering how we're coming along on our Summer List.

Yeah. Kinda slow. June was crazy busy (at least it seemed like it), but the next couple months look to be a bit slower paced for us. So we kicked July off with a bang, and can now cross off the list "go on a picnic"!

I packed up the picnic basket with sandwiches, cheese and crackers, carrots, fruit, yogurt, chips, and oreos for lunch at the park today. We have had beautiful weather this entire week, and I wanted to be sure we took advantage of it before it was too late! We hoped in the van and headed over to Mineral Springs Park, picked a patch of shade by the lagoon, and enjoyed a lovely lunch by the water. Drew got a kick out of watching the ducks, and Reed played hide-and-seek with a light pole (the joys of childhood!).

It was really, really nice. :)

"Mama, is there anymore in here?!?"

Watching the boats on the lagoon.

Pardon my awkward smile...there's an oreo in my mouth.

And this would be the disadvantage to picnics: no highchair or booster seat = no seatbelts! Both boys were all over the place as soon as they realized they could be!

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