Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Art

Drew's November art gallery is a little scant. He had a grand total of five days of school this month due to conferences for the district, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and his surgery. Even with only a few days of school, Drew still learned so much!

A scarecrow

We spent the morning guessing what Drew was going to make at school today - and Mom guessed right! Drew's first Thanksgiving turkey!

Another turkey, this time made from a paper plate and feathers.

Drew's class celebrated Thanksgiving today by making headdresses, froot loop necklaces, churning cream into butter, and eating cornbread. Drew doesn't care too much for hats, so he refused to wear his headdress for a picture. Thankfully, little brother Reed makes for a great model...and this way we get to actually see Drew's face in one of these photos! :)

I tried to get Drew to explain exactly what this was about. I know it was a cutting exercise, as he had to cut following the lines (he did a great job). But I'm not sure what the shapes are about. Perhaps he had to identify shapes? Or their colors? Who knows! But it appears as though it was very educational. :)

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