Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October Art

What Drew learned last month...

Drew's Art Gallery

Big, Green Monster
The pieces were pre-cut; Drew did all the gluing.
"Go Away, Big Green Monster" poem is glued to the back

Counting candy corn!...

...and candy corn art. Drew cut the orange pieces and glued everything down.

Drew brought home a baggie filled with "cuttings" - scraps of construction paper cut into pieces. Apparently they are really working with the scissors this month!

Drew cut out the web, drew the lines, and stamped the spiders.

"Five Little Jack O'Lanterns" art to go along with the poem.
Drew drew all those pumpkin faces!

I was hoping for a good story to go along with this art project (a haunted house??), but Drew just tells me it's a ghost. He cut it out; hence the missing arm. :)

Drew's pumpkin patch!

His Halloween bag full of treasures from the party at school.

Looking forward to more fall/Thanksgiving themed art this month!

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