Sunday, November 21, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 46

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage to living so far from family is missing out on special occasions, like birthday parties. Our nephew celebrated his 4th birthday today with a police themed party. To include the boys in on the celebration, my brother and sister-in-law sent them police shirts, badges, and a water gun. We "partied" with the birthday boy this afternoon via Skype.

Reed, my eats-so-much-of-everything-without-a-problem child, is starting to get picky. :( This was today's lunch. He didn't eat a bite. I thought some sauce for his fish sticks would entice him, and while it gave him something to do (he dipped every single piece and then returned it to the plate), he still didn't eat. Boo.

Today was Drew's first day back at preschool after having his tubes put in. About halfway through the morning, we received this text from Drew's teacher. When I picked him up, Mrs. Bland said that today was definitely his best day yet. I guess he's just busting out of his shell more and more each day. Gotta love those tubes!

Trying to learn to play with each other...but I gotta say, Little Brother makes life a little difficult for Big Brother sometimes. Reed doesn't take Drew's instruction very well, and Drew is a bit, how do I say...particular. :)

Brad was watching the boys for a bit this morning while I was at an appointment, and in an attempt to get some work done while he was home, he popped in a movie for the boys to watch.
This photo captures a couple different things:
First, the obvious....could they BE any cuter?!?
And second, Drew is totally enamored with Mater right now. As in, he watches Mater's Tall Tales every day, sleeps with the book, and quotes some of Mater's more famous sayings. If Drew were a car, I'm pretty sure he'd be a tow truck. ;)

We've had our new table and chairs for about a week, and we absolutely love it. It fits in our little breakfast nook, which is great, and it also opens up with an additional leaf. With six chairs, we can finally host people for dinner! Come on over!

Brad went with Liz, Aly, Ben and Mario (not pictured) to see Harry Potter tonight. They bought their tickets in advance and waited in a line for a while before getting into the theater. Now to wait to see the conclusion....awe, shucks.
{For the record, I'm a HP fan; but I wasn't invited to go tonight. And yes, I'm having a pity party, thankyouverymuch.}

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