Sunday, November 14, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 45

I've hit a couple big sales at the grocery store the past couple weeks, and by using coupons, I saved 61% on today's bill. Feeling really grateful for an overly packed pantry...and have decided that the best way to empty it is to donate much of it to various organizations for the holiday season.

Are you enjoying our beautiful fall weather??? More of this is in the forecast for this week. I heart fall. :)

Today was Drew's big day --- tubes in, adenoids out. Read all about it here.

20 months old! (WHAT?!)
And what a beautiful day to celebrate!

A good friend (and the boys' surrogate grandmother/babysitter) left her Nintendo DS here for Drew to play with as he recuperates from his surgery. Reed is enjoying it as much as Drew is! Seriously, there is totally some kind of video-gaming DNA in boys!

My husband was so gracious to me as he stepped up to care for the boys so that I could leave the house for two whole days to spend time scrapbooking with my cousin. He was in charge of the POTDs for Friday and Saturday. He took the above pictures Friday night...I guess this is what happens when boys are left on their own! (The house did not look like this when I came home, thankfully!)

Our new dining room table was ready to be picked up while I was away, and so to surprise me, Brad took both boys to go pick it up, and then had it assembled and in place by the time that I got home. You can see that he had two very eager and helpful sidekicks!

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