Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Stronger

Both boys went in to see Dr. Hunter yesterday morning for their two- and four-year well-child check-ups.

The stats...

Reed: 35.4 pounds, 37 inches tall, and a head circumference of 53 centimeters. He's holding steady in the 95th percentile.

Drew: 43 pounds and 42 inches tall. He's in the 75th-95th percentile.

Both boys were given vaccines today as well.

I didn't tell Drew that he'd be getting one. I didn't tell him until we had gotten back into the nurses' treatment room, and he got up on the table. I told him it was going to hurt, but only for a second, and then it would be all done.

He cried.

And I think he might have been a bit upset with me.

All day he kept referring to his band-aid as the "thing Mom surprised me with".

He was a good sport, though, and he's not holding a grudge. At least I don't think so. :-/

Both boys are healthy, strong, and vibrant...just the way I like 'em.

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