Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Our little family has been incredibly busy this month. Our evenings from Sunday through Thursday are full of church obligations for either Brad or myself...leaving only Friday and Saturday nights for any kind of actual family bonding together with all four of us. And technically, you can count out Fridays and Saturdays for "just the four of us" as well because along with a busy work calendar, we've also have a very busy social calendar!

We have been blessed this month with several visits from family. Apparently spring makes people anxious to get out of their homes...and come to Pekin?!?! Well, probably not so much that, but we are certainly thankful they all chose us anyway!

March 11-13
Grandma & Grandpa

Brad's parents joined us for the weekend, continuing our celebration of Reed's 2nd birthday. Reed opened gifts, we enjoyed dinner out, and Drew took us all on in Kinect bowling.

March 16 & 17
Brent, Esther, Lewis & Lauren

Brad's brother and his family stopped by on their way through to Ohio for spring break. The boys enjoyed showing off their baseball moves to Uncle Brent, read stories with Aunt Esther, played video games with Lewis, and played silly with Lauren.

March 17-20
Jeremy, Ashley, Avery, Addy & Grammy

My brother and his family joined us for a long weekend...and Grammy even got to come along! The boys opened more gifts for both of their birthdays, sweated up a storm doing more Kinect sports, went to the zoo, shopped at the mall, and played a lot!

March 25-29
Grammy returned one weekend later, but this time was able to bring Papa along! My parents came for a long weekend, and concluded Reed's birthday with one last round of gifts. The boys watched "Mouse" on the computer, occupied Papa with games and puzzles, and I occupied Grammy with housework! ;)

It was a busy, but incredibly awesome and fun, month!

We love our families so much!

Thank you for coming to see us!

Don't be strangers...come again!

(On a sidenote: I'm exhausted! It couldn't be a better time to ship the boys off to Grandma & Grandpa's house for the weekend!) :)

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