Saturday, November 19, 2011

The First Snowfall

Alternately titled: Minnesota Reality Check

When the forecast showed snow for this week, I was quite excited.  
I've missed Minnesota winters.  
Central Illinois winters having nothing on Minnesota. 
When it began snowing today, I was happy.
Smiling, screaming, jumping.
Otherwise drawing unnecessary and embarrassing attention to myself.
As a result, the boys became excited, too.
So they wanted to go outside.
And although there's just a dusting of snow on ground, we donned snow gear from head to toe.
Because it's Minnesota, people.
And it was cold outside

 I forgot how cold the winter is.  And we're not even near the normal below zero temps and windchills!  Thank goodness for large windows that peer out into the fenced in backyard.  Boys outside playing = happy.  Mom supervising from inside the house = warm and happy!

Snack and hot cocoa upon their return indoors.

Now I'm off to purchase some cuddleduds and snow boots for myself.

Welcome home, Lesley!

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