Thursday, November 17, 2011

Conferences at 5C's

Last Friday, Brad and I met with Drew's teacher, Mrs. Tramp, for his fall conference.  It was less of a progress report kind of conference, and more of a get to know you and your child conference.  Nonetheless, we did learn a few things about Drew in the classroom, and were very encouraged by what we heard.

First, though, let me follow up on this post.  The day after I wrote about Drew praying for a new friend at school, he found one!  When I went to pick him up, he joyfully told me, "MOM!  I found a friend!!"  I said, "Oh honey, that's great!  What's his name?" to which Drew turned around and asked the boy sitting next to him, "What's your name?" :)  Turns out his name is Brodie, and shortly after, he found another friend in Carter.  We hear about them a lot, and from what I can tell, they're pretty good buds.  And Drew has also told me that they aren't the naughty boys in his class.  Two thumbs up on picking your friends, little man!

{Which reminds me - remember Gage?  Drew's best buddy from Hobby Horse last year?  I sent his mom a message near the beginning of the school year, asking how Gage was doing.  She wrote: "Gage is doing ok, but missing Drew. The first couple days of school I asked who he played with.. his response was "if Drew's not there, I'm not playing with ANYONE!"  Awwww...}

Ok, so, back to business.  Here's what we heard from Mrs. Tramp...

Drew is really starting to open up.  He's not as shy or as unsure when school first started, and his silly side is starting to expose itself.

Mrs. Tramp describes Drew as being really peer-oriented; he would be perfectly okay if there were no teachers in the classroom. {We were delighted to hear this, as this was one of our greatest concerns when it came to adjusting to preschool, in general, but definitely this year as he started at a new school.}

It makes sense, then, when she says that Drew can play with anyone.  He likes his little group of buddies, but he can be found playing with anyone in his class.

Drew's nervousness comes out when the school day is a little out of order; like when there is a field trip or special event.  When he readjusts to the "new thing" he's back to his normal self and is okay.

Mrs. Tramp also had some artwork of Drew's to show us.


and a drawing Drew did of himself, a la last year.

So, in sum, a really great report.  And we're really glad to have gotten a little insight scoop into his days at school.  Drew doesn't share much beyond what he ate for snack. :)

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