Sunday, November 6, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 44

This week's photos confirm for me why I need to do things differently next year for our pictures of the day.  I had taken zero new photos since the first of the month.  None.  There are probably any number of reasons why I didn't pick up my camera this week (forgetfulness, lack of desire, too busy doing other things, which is probably while the blog has been quiet for a while) --- but I'm hopeful that a new outlook and a new plan for the new year will help revitalize my desire to document our family; the little moments, the big moments, and all the moments in between.

But for the next eight weeks, we'll keep at this, and I will attempt to be more conscientious of all that there is to capture and remember in our day to day life.

Here we go... 

Sunday {10.30.11}
Jeremy and Ashley invited the boys to attend a Halloween party that the MSU Mavericks athletics department was hosting.  There were games, candy, and lots of kids in costumes.  Despite an unwelcome appearance by Stomper, the mascot, both boys, Avery and Addy had a good time.

Monday {10.31.11}

 Tuesday {11.1.11}
Post-lunch, pre-quiet time Cars videos online - sucks 'em in every time.

 Wednesday {11.2.11}
I don't know why we don't play more at Uncle Jeremy's house...he has way cooler toys than we do!

Thursday {11.3.11}
We still love to go the library to pick out new books to bring home.  Avery and Jeremy tagged along with us this afternoon when we went after school.  

 Friday {11.4.11}
On the short list of disadvantages to living where we are is no DVR.  Having to watch our shows online does have one advantage --- we watch less TV than we used to.  

 Saturday {11.5.11}
Grace was less than a month old when we moved to Illinois, and we've watched her grow from a distance.  We were finally able to celebrate a birthday with her today at her 5th birthday party.  What a blessing!

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