Friday, November 11, 2011

Indian Summer

With the first snowfall in our forecast for this past week, I was spurred on to showcase the last of our photos from fall.  

I had either forgotten or had never really noticed how beautiful fall is in Minnesota.  It's stunning, really.  When the October temperatures were well above normal, and remembering that Minnesota winters are insanely cold, I tried to get the boys outside as much as possible.  

When the temps hit the upper 70s/low 80s in the middle of the month, we had a little water fun --- and I got a bit of free child labor.  Two birds, one stone.  I do what I can.  ;)

Nothing screams autumn like wearing your swim trunks in October, right???  

We continued to have absolutely beautiful days throughout the month, but now that it's mid-November,  I think it's safe for me to pack away the swim trunks.

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