Friday, November 18, 2011

Where Do They Learn This Stuff???

There are these occasions in parenthood when your kids do something, and you think to yourself, "Where did he learn that?  How does he know about that?"  It's not necessarily naughty things, or adult things, or things of that nature.  It's just odd, weird, funny stuff that they somehow "know" by virtue of being a kid.

It's like it's built in to their toddler DNA.

In our house, it's the classic "I need a drink" bedtime stalling technique.

We'd have a few battles with Reed at bedtime.  Ever since we moved him into his toddler bed, he's played games with us at naptime and at bedtime.  It goes in stages, from bad to worse to better to making us believe the problem is fixed to ha-ha fooled you bad again.  And the stalling ranges from getting out of bed a million times to not getting into bed in the first place to crying and screaming (from both Reed and me).

Most recently, Reed has pulled out the ol' "I need a drink" line.  And this is what leads me to believe that there is a little devil sitting on his shoulder, taunting him.  And me.  Because seriously, there is nowhere else this kid would've learned this from.  Drew never did this.  As a matter of fact, we never have had bedtime issues with Drew.  So Reed has never heard it in our house.  So unless some sneaky little kid - or adult - has told my son to stall at bedtime using this classic kid trick...

Such a little stinker.

But a smart little stinker.


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