Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kindergarten Round-Up

Last week, Hoover Elementary hosted Kindergarten Round-Up for students and their parents.  The parents had an informational meeting on Tuesday evening, and the students enjoyed some time at the school on Thursday afternoon.

Hoover is my alma mater.  From kindergarten through fourth grade, I was a proud Hoover Huskie.  I will very often tell people that, if given the chance, I would not go back to college or high school or (God forbid) junior high --- I would go back to Hoover.  I loved Hoover.  Loved loved loved.  And it will be Drew's first elementary school should we still be in Mankato in the fall.  Prayers upon prayers are being sent that we won't be here in the fall...but if we are, I'll admit that I'm a bit excited that Drew, too, will be a Huskie.

When I walked through the doors of the school on Tuesday night, it was like a time warp.  Some things have changed...yes...but much is the same.  The mural in the gym is exactly as it always was...that, for one, hasn't changed in the last 26 years.  The dome is still there, and still as awesome as ever, however the tree house no longer stands and it is the kindergarten and first grade classes that are in there instead of the "upper" classmen.  I remember what a big deal it was to "graduate" to the dome; once you reached 3rd grade your classroom would be there.  But now, the youngest ones are there and the center area is used for stations and circle activities.  There are some other changes, too (like the library and media center is where the kindergarten classrooms used to be, and the old library is now a 3rd grade classroom) but it is very much the way I still remember it.

When Brad and I entered the gym for the parents meeting, an overhead projector greeted us with the statement

"Welcome Class of 2025!"

Are you kidding me?!?!

Once my heart stopped palpitating, business carried on, and we were educated all about the kindergarten experience.  We learned all about the teachers, the day-to-day schedule, policies, lunches, the buses, etc etc etc.  And at the end, Drew became officially registered to begin school in the fall.


As for Drew, he gathered with all of the other incoming kindergarteners on Thursday afternoon, for an hour and a half introduction to Hoover.  He was pretty excited about going...before we actually got there. Because we had talked it up as being just another day of school, we didn't mention that he'd be there without us.  So as he and I are walking up the path to the front door, Drew asks me, "You're staying, right Mama?"  Ummmmm.... nooooooooo.  To which he promptly did a 180, began walking back to the car, and said, "I'm not going!"  Needless to say, it took a bit of convincing, and an eventual bribe, to get him to stay.  And when I returned to pick him up and enthusiastically asked, "Did you love it?" Drew very matter-of-factly said, "No. ... But I liked it."

Fair enough.  

We can now look forward to my favorite supply shopping!  Yes!


On a similar note... we had spring conferences with Drew's preschool teacher at the beginning of March, and she reaffirmed our belief that Drew is so ready for Kindergarten.  And if you'll excuse me for being quite proud of my little man and allow me to brag about him a are some of her very positive reflections:
  • "very capable and self-sufficient"
  • "stays with his group [of friends] - makes choices based on them"
  • "always on task and a good listener during circle time"
  • "great helper at clean up"
  • "is writing his name and other letters - beginning to spell words and show interest in writing"
  • "enjoys big play but does not get rough or carried away"
  • "grown a lot this year - still can be reserved or tentative"
  • "great friend - plays very well with others"
  • "cooperates and shares so well - enjoys his main friends but will branch out at times"
"Drew has had a wonderful year and is very ready for Kindergarten.  He has made wonderful friends and is such a fun loving, pleasant boy.  I love his laugh and sense of humor.  He is very appropriate at school and listens well."


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