Friday, April 6, 2012

A Slight Detour

Alternately titled, "A New Road"

Or "A Different Direction"

Or "Why in the World Was She Left Behind?!?!"

Some of you know, and perhaps others of you have figured it out (you smart cookies, you) and perhaps some of you really don't care.  And maybe the reason why isn't worth all the suspense and you'll be totally disappointed.  If that's the case, you care too much about this blog. ;)

While we had talked about taking a little family trip to Pella over Spring Break, something suddenly came up {in the spirit of Marcia Brady} and I had to stay at home - to fill out these forms

and attend an all-day orientation for my new job.

I have thought about this blog post a lot (perhaps I care too much about this blog!) - about which way to take it.  I realized I would risk sounding spoiled or privileged or pretentious by writing it.  Other words, like ungrateful and irresponsible, also came to mind.


Because I didn't want to find a job.

I didn't want to have to find a job.

So at the risk of all of those things (and more) I'll take a chance and be honest.  It's probably not necessary for me to lay it all out there - translation: share with you all of my brutally honest feelings - because while I do totally and completely hate the situation we have been in the past several months, I do realize that we have it pretty good.  

Last fall, I could have applied for and easily gotten a seasonal job.  Hindsight - I should have.  But I just wasn't ready.  While I thought I had my head on straight and was thinking all the right things about doing whatever we needed to do to support and protect our family, even if it meant me going back to work... I just wasn't ready.  It was a bigger deal than I anticipated, and a much harder decision to make than I would have dreamed.  So I stalled.  And prayed.  And hoped that it wouldn't have to happen.

But sometimes we don't get our way.

"My ways are not your ways, Lord..."

Look.  I've been a stay-at-home mom for over five years.  While not everyday is great, some not even close, I love what I do.  I love being at home.  I love being the home manager and maker and mom.  I love taking Drew to school and scheduling appointments and running errands and doing laundry and cleaning the bathrooms and making dinner (well, maybe not those last two)... it's not so easy to have to switch gears, especially when it's changing in a direction I simply don't want to go. 

Brad had a handful of inquiries and interviews in the fall, but during the winter months it seemed as though the phone calls and emails dwindled and there wasn't much contact.  As much as Brad and I try to not let money rule our lives, that green stuff buys our groceries...and it doesn't grow on trees.  So, in the spirit of doing what needed to be done, I begrudgingly revamped my resume and began sending it out shortly after the new year.  I wasn't totally sure what kind of work I was looking for.  It's hard to know when there still is no inkling as to when and where Brad's next job is going to pop up.  I certainly was not looking for a career, and I wanted something that I would actually enjoy.  If I was going to have to be away from the boys the majority of my day, I would at least like to actually like what I would be doing.  And I felt weird applying for a job that would expect any kind of longevity when I simply wasn't sure how long I would be there.  Maybe none of those things should've been considered, I don't know.  Maybe my situation doesn't warrant me being so particular.  Maybe I needed to have the mindset of "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit."  Maybe I needed to find better fitting big girl panties and actually put them on.  Buck up, camper.  Wah wah wah.  Get over it.

Yep.  Maybe so.  But I'm being honest here.  It's just not that easy. 

I applied for jobs at the school district, at a garden center, a nursing home, with the county, and at a couple businesses.  All fruitless.  At the beginning of March, I applied for a job as a Caregiver with a company called Home Instead Senior Care.  I interviewed on Friday, March 16 and received an offer of employment one week later.  I had orientation on Tuesday, the 27th, met my first client this past Monday night, and have my first official night on the job this Saturday.

I'm still not crazy about it.


I'm not totally dreading it.

That's progress, people. 

The nitty gritty on the job: Home Instead Senior Care is a company that provides care and companionship for seniors so that they are able to stay in their homes.  I am employed as a non-medical Caregiver - someone that will provide companionship, home helper services, and/or personal care assistance to clients - basically my job description includes doing anything from playing cards to taking a client to an appointment, cooking dinner, light housekeeping or helping them with their daily grooming tasks.  It is considered part-time work - due to the nature of the job hours cannot be guaranteed - but depending on the week, I could be working upwards of 30 hours.  I will have one client, one night a week to start with, but my boss already called me this morning with a potential new client to start next week, and several hours of coverage for May for two other Caregivers that are taking time off.  I obviously have a lot of flexibility in my personal schedule, so I'm hoping that that will lead to the opportunity for more hours.

I know in my heart that I like to help people.  I'm not always that good at it, but it really is something I desire to do.  I want to do good.  I feel like this job will be a good fit for me.  I hope it will be.

I also received a call earlier this week from a local retail store where I had applied.  I'm hoping to receive another call soon to arrange for an in-store interview.  The hours there will potentially be after-store hours, so I'll be able to manage both work schedules.

Who knew?  After all of this, I could end up with two jobs.

Now that's funny.


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