Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break 2012 {According to Drew}

The boys returned last Wednesday (the 28th) from their five day spring break trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  They had beautiful weather while they were there so they were able to enjoy the golf course, the backyard and four different parks - from what I hear, anyway.  You'll remember that this trip was just for the three guys; I had to stay behind and was forced to spend some time all by myself. ;)  The boys, however, had the pleasure of Grandma and Grandpa's company, Grandma's sweet treats, and some super quality time together.  

I commissioned Drew to give us the picture play by play.  You'll see that there is so much more to a photo that I would describe as "fun at the park" when Drew is doing the narrating!

"I was waving a big bubble."

"I'm hitting balls."

"And there Reed is hitting balls."  
"Yeah, see?  He's trying to hit the ball but he's really missing it."

"That's the car I was talking about.  We were riding in the cart with our flip flops.  That's the cart where we find Grandpa and Daddy's golf balls.  Grandma's the driver.  We were at the golf course.  See Grandpa way back there?"
Brad tells me that Reed has a long way to go in learning about golf course etiquette.  He might've said something about there being a lot of screaming...

"Right there we're washing the balls with that little thing that you put the little balls in the red thing and then you push it down and up and down and up and there's a brush in there that scrubs them when they're dirty and two green towels to dry them off to make them nice and clean.  Grandpa's [golf ball] was number 4 and Daddy's was number 3."

"Now we're riding bikes around the track that Grandma made on her deck.  You go around the chair and around the table and we come back around and through there if you want then spin around that and come around here and come around here and come around here and that's it."

"We're playing at the park.  You put your toes on the blue little thing.   We slide down the slide and Reed tries to climb that very big ladder backwards.  And then we go down those two slides.  Reed's kinda doing the wrong thing."

"I'm watching Tom and Jerry and that was the first one and then the second one and before Daddy turned on the TV we went to the store and buyed my new car with my money.  And when we came back home, that's when we turned on Tom and Jerry.  Reed thought he'd play Guess Who? and watch Tom and Jerry at the same time."

"That's when we were helping Grandma and Grandpa pick up sticks and weeds to make their yard nice and cool.  And guess what?  And then me and Reed did some funny things... rolling down the mountain.  And we went "whoa whoa!" and fell down on the grass and rolled.  And then Reed pretended he fell down on the ground and put his legs up and then I did the same things that Reed did.  Over and over until we hopped back to Grandpa."
Helping pick up the yard earned each boy a dollar, with which they went to Walmart so they could pick something to buy.  They both bought a new Hot Wheel, which is what Drew was referring to in the above picture.

"That's when we were swinging at the wooden park and I got off and there's a little tire tunnel that I can't go through cuz I'm too big."

"That's when me and Reed were trying to climb up the slippery rippery slide.  I'm in front of Reed.  And we're trying to climb it up to the wooden park and we found a really small guy and he liked to punch.  And there was a big guy - not a grown up - that took care of him."

"This was the first picture, then we were going to do another one and that's when we were going to head home but daddy forgot a few stuff like our teddy bears so Grandma threw them at me then Daddy had to turn back because he forgot our games and stuff and then Daddy said I couldn't have candy but then he changed his mind and said I could have just one.  Then we left McDonalds and Grandpa was at home."
Did you get all that?  In English - they took these pictures before leaving Wednesday morning.  Before they pulled out of the driveway, they realized they had forgotten Teddy & Tigger, and then after about a half hour on the road Brad realized he'd forgotten Drew's backpack with their toys in it.  So they made an early pit stop for lunch and Grandma drove out to bring them their things. 

"That's the second picture that Grandma and Grandpa took and Grandpa was being silly so we would look at him but Reed wasn't looking, he was looking down instead of at Grandma but then we started to head home and then that's all.

Do you have any more pictures?"


I talked with the boys every day - sometimes on the phone, sometimes via Skype.  I missed them.  A lot.  And Brad says they missed me, too.  They had a little "mommy/homesickness."  On Sunday, Drew said he wanted one more play day then he wanted to come home.  And they missed me at bedtime, too.  Or maybe they just missed their pillows.  :)  I think they were easily distracted, though, by all the fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  

Next time, boys, let's do the whole spring break thing together, k?

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