Monday, April 2, 2012

Little Fishies

One of the things we don't do very often with the boys is go swimming in a real which I mean something bigger than the inflatable kind that fits in the backyard.  It's not my most favorite thing to do, and Brad enjoys it, I think, but it isn't something we've made a big deal out of for our kids.  {If you remember, I did take Drew to swimming lessons for a couple years (2008 and 2009), and it is something I should have done with Reed...however, I have forgotten now why I decided not to...}


We traveled to Montevideo on Saturday afternoon as Brad was to do pulpit supply for a church there on Sunday morning.  We were able to stay at a hotel Saturday night, and while we were going to leave the boys at home with my parents for the quick trip, we decided somewhat last minute to take them along and create a super-mini vacation for just us.

The highlight, of course, was the hotel pool.  The biggest perk was that we had the entire pool all to ourselves, and we enjoyed every single inch of it.

True to their personalities, Drew was timid and reserved, and Reed was a go-getter - in and out and all around.  {I have decided that we need to invest in life jackets for future pool experiences like this for 1) the obvious safety precautions and 2) I think both boys would have ventured out a little farther past the stairs had they had them.}  But we had fun, nonetheless!

Some highlights...

 Venturing to the deep end.

 Reed took a lot of reminding that the floors were slippery.  He constantly wanted to go in the pool, then jump up out of it.  I guess he finally decided it would be safer to sit.

 I forgot to grab some of our splash balls from home; thankfully, this big pink ball was waiting for us in the pool.  It provided entertainment in a number of different ways.

 Strong, superman daddy.

 One fish

 Two fish

 Silly fish!

 Drew eventually showcased his bravery, and his trust in mom and dad, by venturing off the stairs to see that he could stand on the bottom of the pool!  Once he realized this and felt safe, he was jumping all around down there!  So, SO proud of this!

 And then there's Reed, who really shows hardly any fear.  By the time we were about finished, he was  sticking his head darn near all the way under water to blow bubbles...

...and reappearing with this big goofy grin on his face!

Our mini-vacation also included pizza buffet at the Pizza Ranch for dinner, followed by baths and a family movie all cozied up in our hotel beds.  We watched The Muppets and everyone highly recommends it. :)

We easily could have spent a couple more days together, just us.  Well, I could have anyway.  As much as there are times I need a break from the boys, sometimes a girl needs to have a little time away WITH her boys.  

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