Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project Life {Week 16}

Just a few pictures from this week...

 {Earning his keep by picking weeds.}

 {Earning his keep by helping Grammy make dessert.  I think he got the better end of the deal.}

{We often have breakfast for dinner, and chocolate chip waffles is our newest favorite menu item.}

{We spent Saturday in full throttle potty training mode, big boy underwear and all.  This warranted the "traveling towel" with which Reed was required to sit on wherever he was at.  Unfortunately, Reed was more successful sitting on the towel than he was using the potty.}

And a couple little additional stories:

I'll include the Park District brochure with Drew's and Brad's photos in it.
And I'll write about a special guest in Drew's preschool class.  Uncle Jeremy and three other law enforcement officers came to school to talk about bicycle safety, showcase a police car, and visit with the kids.  Apparently, Officer Uncle Jeremy made Drew feel quite special when he dropped into his classroom and announced himself as Drew's uncle.  Talk about the most popular kid in the class!  Such a sweet moment I want to be sure to record. :)

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