Thursday, April 19, 2012


It's a pretty rad thing when we receive a message from a Pekin friend that Drew's photograph is in the Park District's summer program catalog.

So when Brad downloads it from the Pekin Park District's website, and scrolls down to page 10, we are shocked to find that not only is Drew's picture in the program, but so is Brad's.

And not just one picture.

SIX of them.

Pretty dang awesome.

But what's this?

Upon further inspection, I realize I recognize a few of these photos.  Like, really recognize.  As in, I took ALL of these photos!  Whoever works at the Park District and knows of this here blog, took all of these photos from this post.

To be sure, I am not upset by this.  We signed a waiver stating we were cool if they wanted to publish photos of my kid in their paraphernalia.  I wouldn't have thought they would've used my photos, though!  I'm just puzzled.  Who knows me and my blog to know that these photos were here? {Anyone with insight on this...I'd appreciate knowing how this came to be!}  

I'm pretty stoked to see my kid as the poster child for Pekin's T-ball and Tot Soccer programs.

Superstar.  Oh yes he is.

{Can we collect royalties on this or something???} :)

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