Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Summer List {2011 Edition}

Just like last year, we've been brainstorming and "researching" all the fun we want to have this summer. It does mean a bit more to me this year. Even though Drew was only in school for a few hours during the week, it does really feel more like "summer break" this year than it did last year. I guess we're officially in the throes of the school/summer cycle!

There are several ideas on our list that carried over from last year (because they were so much fun, of course!) and there are also a handful of new and exciting things we hope to try.

Here's to Summer 2011!

* Fun Food Fridays

* Craft Wednesdays

* Kinect bowling tournament

* feed the ducks at the pond

* go to the Children's Discovery Museum in Normal, IL

* participate in the library's summer reading program (Drew)

* vacation Bible school

* Tot Soccer & T-Ball (Drew)

* fly a kite

* see Cars 2 in the theater

* go on a little vacation

* picnics at the park

* boating on the lagoon

* send the boys to their grandparents' houses

* backyard water fun

* photo booth fun

* go on a scavenger hunt

* build a fort

* mini golfing

{Of course, other items can be added as the summer progresses...for the sake of the list.} :)

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  1. Looks like fun! And you're going to post your fun food Friday and Craft Wednesday ideas so I can steal (I mean BORROW) them, right? Right?!? ;-)