Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Night

Recognize these guys???

Mover Rich and Mover Dave wish you an Imagination Mover Halloween!

We just got back from trick-or-treating, but if it were up to Drew, we'd still be canvasing the neighborhood!  We got all dolled up in our costumes a bit before 5:30, so we could head out to snatch a few treats.  We went to a couple Trunk-or-Treat events before coming back to our neighborhood to walk our street.  It's so fun this year, now that Drew has caught on to the concept, and Reed is old enough to follow suit and do what Drew does.  As awesome as their costumes are, they aren't recognizable to many people.  A few kids the boys' age knew who they were, but no one over the age of 40 (and some younger) had a clue. :)

It was a fabulous day.  Drew had an Orange Party at school this morning, then spent the afternoon asking, "Is it dark yet? Is it time for candy?"  I have a feeling I'll be battling the "Can I have a piece of candy?" dragon until next year!  Ah well.  To me, it's just another joy of childhood!   

{Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf stopped by earlier this afternoon, too!}


So.  The costumes.  Pretty awesome, right?  Just give my mama allllllll the credit.  She is the coolest.  And can work her mad skills like nobody's business on that sewing machine!  I had been wanting to make Mover costumes for the boys since last year.  I had seen one that someone had made from a blue NASA flight suit; they had taken off the astronomy patches and attached the appropriate Mover bling instead.  I searched for flight suits but came up empty handed.  Purchasing an authentic Mover suit would've set me back $75...each.  So that was definitely out of the question.  The only option left was to attempt to make one.  And that never would've happened if we weren't currently living with my parents!  So there you go.  Another perk for our situation!  Anyway, my mom and I found a pattern for a jumpsuit, and we just happened to find some clearance fabric that was just about the right shade of blue we needed.  Mom had yellow and red fabric in her stash, and we had to purchase two zippers, elastic, a red hat, and the iron-on logos for the back.  All in all, the materials cost under $30 - for both costumes!  Thank goodness the labor was free - the time my mom put into these babies would've cost me a small fortune!  She did everything involved with the assembly of the suits - I cut the fabric and fashioned the gears, stripes and nametags, but mom did everything else.  The suits turned out great.  The boys love them, and so do we!

Oh!  And how did the boys decide which Mover they would be?  Drew chose Rich because he doesn't wear anything on his head. :)  And Reed was Dave by default because a red hat was easier to come up with than Smitty's cowboy hat or Scott's wobble goggles.  :)

I asked mom if she'd make two more suits for Brad and I, so we could complete the set.

She said no.



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