Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lost & Found


Favorite snuggly. Been best friends for three years. Well-loved, friendly companion. Last seen first thing this morning.
Unconditional gratefulness from one very distressed boy.

Truth be told, we "lose" Teddy a lot. He makes his way down the stairs with Drew every morning, and throughout the morning is placed and misplaced throughout the house. He gets cuddled, then dropped, and it's usually anybody's guess as to where he may have ended up. It takes a bit of looking on occasion, but he is always found, and just in time for quiet time.

But this was not the case one day last week.

Teddy was lost.

And couldn't be found.

We looked everywhere. (Well, obviously not everywhere as he would have been found a lot sooner!) I should say we looked in all the usual places. And even in some unusual places. But this time, Teddy was elusive. He was nowhere to be found.

So I tucked Drew in for naptime, promising him that I'd keep looking and as soon as I found him, I'd bring him up. While feeding Reed his lunch, I slowly wandered throughout the house, wondering "where in the heck could he be?!?" Twice I heard coming from upstairs, "Did you find Teddy?" The third time Drew called out, I went upstairs to reassure him that Teddy would be found.

I asked if he wanted to snuggle with Panda instead.

He said no.

And he kicked Bob and Larry out of bed, too. (Apparently if he couldn't sleep with Teddy he didn't want to sleep with anyone!)

He then got teary-eyed, and whimpered, "I don't want to go to sleep without Teddy."

Broke my heart.

Teddy was found 30 seconds later, because when you look in the one place you haven't looked in yet, things are usually found.

Teddy was recovered. Rest assured, he's ok.

And now, so is Drew.


  1. You left us hanging. So where was Teddy? Trust me, we've searched the house all over for Puppy, Cow, 2 babies and 2 blankets. In fact, Puppy was lost for two days this week and he was somehow hanging on the 2nd rung of my laundry drying rack that had clothes on it.

  2. Teddy was found in the spare bedroom...of which I had already looked once, but apparently missed the first time!