Thursday, May 27, 2010

Picture of the Day, Weeks 19 & 20

Holy bloggy vacation, Batman!


The boys and I returned this past Sunday evening from a 10 day excursion away from home. On Friday, the 14th, all four of us headed to Des Moines/Ames for Brad's nephew's graduation party. I had previously made plans to be at my parent's place the following weekend for a family garage sale, so it seemed more sensible to continue on to Minnesota from Ames than to come back home and travel all the way back a couple days later. So Brad returned home while the boys and I made our way to Grammy and Papa's house. It was a long time away from home, but a productive, fun week as well.

That said, my blog and picture of the day posting has been neglected.

But we're back! And catching up.


Mother's Day. These boys made me a mama. And I'm so so thankful to them for that.

14 months old!

I've hopped on the couponing bandwagon, and am still fine-tuning my organization and shopping process. At the moment, it's time-consuming and occasionally confusing, but I'm finding it to be rewarding and worthwhile.

Brad has introduced Drew to the XBox.
It's pretty intense.

Because sometimes playing on the kitchen floor in your diaper is necessary.

We stayed in Des Moines with Brad's brother's family on Friday night on our way through to Ames for the graduation party. Both boys enjoyed their time with their aunt, uncles and cousins. Here's Drew playing catch with his cousin, Lewis.

Bryce, Brad's nephew and high school graduate.

Uncle Jeremy, Avery, Drew and Papa playing t-ball in the front yard.

We went over to see Jeremy and Ashley's new home, and the boys found themselves "helping" out in the yard. Reed enjoying a ride back up to the house.

Oh to know what these two are laughing at!

Grammy and Papa took the boys to the park after dinner tonight. I think it's safe to say they had a good time.

Yeah, this was a little dangerous.

I absolutely love this picture. Jeremy was eating peanut butter and jelly toast for breakfast, and all of the sudden, all the boys wanted some too. It's such a cute story, but what's great is how candid this picture is. Unfortunately, I have no idea what's captured their attention, but their reactions to it are priceless!

Uncle Justin was so great to come down on the weekends to spend time with us. Drew thinks pretty highly of our house, Uncle Justin either gets the credit or the blame!

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  1. Looks like the boys enjoyed their family vacation. Great pictures for each day. Lots of with everyone.