Monday, May 3, 2010

The Things He Says

I've been keeping this post in my drafts folder for about a month now as I try to record some of Drew's comments. These are the things that crack us up and warm our hearts. These are the things we are sure to forget in a few years. So, what better way to remember than to record them right here!


"I have the hiccups. And the bless yous, too."


[Upon me asking what his brother's name is...] "Reed Donald Duck Vander Waal"


["Why?" questions are beginning to abound. To answer for why we shower, we say "because we're stinky."]
Drew: "Daddy I don't like your stinky. Mama I don't like your stinky either."
Mom: "Oh really. And you think we like your stinky?"
Drew: "Yes you do!"


Dad: "Drew who made you so smart?"
Drew: "Mom did!"
(I think I've shared that one before; just had to share again!) :)


"Mama, when you get bigger, you'll be two mamas!" (Oh Lord, I hope not!)


"Mama, I need some lipstick!" (Which is odd because I don't even wear lipstick...)


I was singing some VeggieTales tunes the other day, only to be told, "No Mama, only kids can say that!"


Drew: "Mom, dance while I play you this song."
Mom: "Okay." (I dance.)
Drew: "Shake your bottom!"


[We've started to add the "God bless..." at the end of the boys' bedtime prayer.]

Mom & Dad & Drew: "God bless Mommy, God bless Daddy, God bless Drew, God bless Reed, God bless Luci."

[Drew made his own addition the very first time we said this part of the prayer.]
Drew: "God bless everyone!"


Mom: "What letter is this?"
Drew: "I don't know."
Mom: "It's U."
Drew [very puzzled]: "Why is it me?"


[After a long bath with Reed, Drew holds Reed's hand and says...]

"I'm gonna eat Reed's raisins."


"Why? Why? Why? Why? How come...? Why? WHY? WHY?" (AAARRGGHHHHHHH!!!)


"Mama, I love you so much."


"Mama, you're a really great Mama." (Oh, I hope he always feels this way!)

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