Sunday, May 30, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 21

The boys and I made the long trek back home today from MN, and eventhough I think we set a seven and a half hour travel time record, it was a The boys did really well and took good naps in the afternoon. We (meaning I!) was so happy when we finally arrived home!

The first thing I told Brad when I woke up this morning was "I'm not going to do anything all day long." And I didn't. This picture was taken at three in the afternoon. Yep, the boys stayed in their jammies all day long, we lounged, played games, and took long naps. Best "recoop" day ever.

Brad and Luci were neglected in last week's POTDs. So, here's to these two cuties. :)

"Reed, can I have a kiss?"

Tonight was Drew's first night of Tot Soccer with the park district. Isn't he so cute?! It was quite a scene with all those toddlers and parents. Drew is on the royal blue team, and Brad's one of the coaches. We wanted to sign Drew up for t-ball as well, but because he'd miss two of the six sessions, we decided it wasn't worth it. He had a pretty good time with this, though. This makes me an official soccer mom!

This is summer!
I got out the pool and sprinkler this afternoon, and the boys were more than willing to break them in for summertime!

Drew's current favorite book. It has been since he got in over two months ago. And don't even try to read just one story...if he ropes you in to reading it, prepare yourself to read all three!

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  1. Great pictures this week again. I remember naps and movie days doesn't happen anymore here. Love the soccer picture the best. I am also a soccer mom even though for years I said no way no how will I be one to all 3 of my girls then had my boy and he begged so cute I gave in and haven't looked back. I can't imagine not playing soccer now even with all the nasty weather we've played in. That is so sweet in the last picture you can never fool a kid when it comes to reading they are too smart.