Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yes, I am acutely aware that time passes all too quickly. (I am already 31, you know!)

In the everyday, mundane, regular routine, though, it sometimes feels like the days are just inching by.

But then there are these moments - small, vibrant flashes - that remind me that these two boys are growing much too quickly.

Today, I had one of those flashes.

Drew, October 2008, 21 months old

Reed, today, 18 1/2 months old

How have we gotten here already?

How is it that Drew is already almost four years old, long past wearing 24 month sized clothing? How is it that Reed is one and a half and already wearing these same clothes?

Maybe it's because of the clothes; maybe it's because of my birthday. But I found myself reflecting today a little bit. I don't feel like I'm 31. It doesn't feel like time has passed so quickly. It doesn't feel like Reed should be old enough yet to be filling the clothes that his big brother wore not that long ago.

But all of this is true.

And today, in a gray and red striped shirt, I am reminded to live in this moment.

Because these kinds of moments make time stand still for just a little bit.

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