Sunday, September 12, 2010

Picture of the Day, Weeks 35 & 36

Rally Day at church today, which is the kick-off for the new Sunday School season. The party was topped off with a huge bounce house. It took Drew a little bit to warm up, but with help from his buddy, Zach (feet in the air to the left), it didn't take too long before he was bouncing like a bunny!

We headed out this morning for a week-long vacation to Minnesota. We arrived around 7pm, had dinner with Justin, Mindy and Perry, then headed to our hotel in downtown Minneapolis. The boys made themselves at home on the huge hotel beds!

As a part of our travels, we were able to spend some time with a few very close friends. We spent this afternoon with the Johnsons. Drew and Elijah were just babies the last time they saw each other, but after they warmed up, they were bosom buddies. Here they are playing superheroes. Couldn't you tell?!?!

We spent today at Como Zoo. I was very impressed with the variety of animals and the beautiful flower conservatory. Our evening was complete after having dinner with the Vriezes before heading to my parents' house.

Reed cannot keep his paws off of baby Addy! He wants to cuddle, hug, kiss, pick up, and be near her at all times! So sweet!

We celebrated Adelynn's baptism tonight. Brad and I are honored to be her godparents, and we were so glad to have been there to celebrate this special day with our entire family.

Back up to the Twin Cities today to begin the last leg of our vacation with the Vander Waals. We met up at an area park for a picnic lunch before checking in to our hotel.

Today's highlight was going to Valleyfair. I wasn't really sure how much the boys would enjoy it, since it's kind of a "big kid" park, but Drew was non-stop on the rides! He did many of the kiddie rides (some by himself!) and even got to ride on some of the bigger ones with either me, Brad, or Grandma and Grandpa. It was a beautiful day, and when it was time to go, Drew didn't want to leave! Who knew?!

Today we returned home after being gone for the week. This picture was actually taken on Sunday, but it seemed appropriate for today as we probably won't see many of Brad's family until the holidays.

Drew and I went to Open House at his preschool today. He wasn't looking forward to going, but once we got there and he discovered some pretty cool toys, he didn't want to leave.

The shirt is too short and the shorts are too tight. He is growing too fast!

We tailgated tonight with the LaBanca family, whom we know from church. Their son, one of our youth kids, plays on the high school varsity football team, and Brad's pretty excited about attending many of the home games this fall. The food was excellent, the weather perfect, and the company great. Go Dragons!

The Marigold Festival parade was this morning. I took the boys by myself as Brad was manning the church's booth down at the park. Thankfully the rain held off, the parade moved quickly, and we walked away with quite the stash of tootsie rolls! :)

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