Sunday, September 19, 2010

Picture of the Day, Week 37

We spent just a little bit of time at the park for the Marigold Festival. It was just enough time to eat some fattening and delicious fair food for lunch. This baby didn't last long at our table!

A car ride for Luci...she loved it, until she found out that the vet's office was her destination!

My most favorite time of the year: Fall TV Preview! Parenthood started tonight, and these are some of my other favorites ready to record on my DVR.

Without a doubt, Brad's most favorite ice cream(s).

The workbooks for my next Bible study arrived today in the mail. We have our first gathering on Monday night. I'm pretty excited about this one. This was the first Beth Moore study I did, about three years ago, and it has been my favorite, so far.

We are so blessed to have some incredibly generous people in our life. The Ori family came over today to give their old outdoor playset to the boys. It was actually their boys' idea to give this to Drew and Reed, and our boys were more than happy to be the receivers of such sweet generosity.

Comforting Luci as a mid-morning thunderstorm passed through. (She's not a fan of thunder!)

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