Thursday, September 16, 2010


It is everywhere.

And it is gross.

Oozing out of the boys' noses...drip, drip, a new kind of Chinese water torture.

Except it's not water. Because if it was water, it would totally be okay for Drew to lick it off the top of his lip.

Snot is dried to the inside of my pants pockets from carrying around half-used tissues.

It's crusted to the sleeves, shoulders, and neck line of Drew's shirts because apparently "Go get a kleenex!!!" holds no meaning for him.

And this morning, it was caked all over Reed's face. And yes, I mean his entire face. Forehead, cheeks, upper lip, and eyelashes. For all I know, his ears could've been plugged with it. Which would totally explain his lack of listening skills.

Or that could be because he's one and a half. Whatever.

In the past four days, we've used approximately 230 kleenex.

That's a lot of snot.

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