Monday, September 6, 2010

So Long, Summer

It's Labor Day.

Drew starts school this week.

I guess it's safe to say --- summer's over.

Remember our Summer List? Shall we see how we did?
(You can click on the orange text below to be reminded of the full story.)

* read The Love Dare together {Um, unfortunately, no. We couldn't get into the routine of it and fell flat on this one.}

* outdoor movies - CHECK!

* buy ice cream from the ice cream truck {This one lost it's appeal when Brad said, "You wanna buy our kid ice cream from some creepy guy selling it out of the back of his white van?" So no. This didn't happen.}

* visit the local parks - CHECK! {Mineral Springs, Glenn Miller, Riverfront, Rotary...we hit quite a few.}

* have picnics - CHECK! {Just the one - still counts.}

* go to the zoo - CHECK!

* tot soccer - CHECK!

* vacation Bible school - CHECK! {Err, kind of. We were there every night helping out, but Drew's participation was limited to the songs on the final night when his friend, Grace, was there to encourage him. ;)}

* make kabobs - CHECK!

* bake cookies {My memory fails me on this one, and I can't find any photographic evidence. But we must have, right? Really. Summer isn't summer without freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. We totally did this. I'm sure of it...}

* send the boys to their grandparents' houses - 1/2 CHECK! {They made it to Mankato, but not to Pella. This will definitely be an activity that makes it on the list every year, so there's always next summer!}

* enjoy the small town festivals - {kind of a} CHECK! {We'll be going to the Marigold Fesitival here in town next weekend. So we made it to a festival - just not during the summer.}

* storytime at the library - CHECK! {We did the art projects and checked out new books, anyway.}

* fly a kite {Nope. Add it to next year's list.}

* backyard sprinkler fun - CHECK!

* make popsicles - CHECK!

*summer reading program - CHECK! {This was a late addition to our list.}

*take Drew to Toy Story 3 - CHECK! {I'm one of those list makers that adds items after I complete them just so I can check them off. This might fall into that particular list-making category.} :)

*worry less about the mess {We had a great summer, so I must have accomplished this to some degree!}

I wonder what next summer will bring???

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