Thursday, June 9, 2011

Craft Wednesday #2

Back in January, Drew brought home a bird feeder that he had made at school.

We hung it on a tree in our backyard, and it stayed there for quite a while; long enough that it needed to be refilled. Or rather, re-peanut-buttered. Shortly after re-seeding the bagel, the squirrels returned to town and it didn't take long for our bird feeder to become a squirrels feast. :(

I told Drew that we'd have to make a new one.

We never did.

Enter Craft Wednesday!

In early spring, I had Googled "homemade bird feeders for kids" (or something like that), and I found THIS tutorial on Saltwater Kids.

I won't give much instruction here, as the tutorial is brilliant and very easy to follow, so if you're interested in making these, please go visit Saltwater Kids (I have a few more projects bookmarked for later use. It's a great blog!).

So, with no further ado...Homemade Bird Feeders!

Before I called the boys to the table, I premeasured everything and had it all ready to go. This helped a lot with both time and keeping the boys' attention. We needed flour, water, corn syrup, unflavored gelatin, and of course, bird seed.
{It kinda looks like a science project, no?}

We also needed a large mixing bowl, a cookie sheet, cookie cutters (we also used some rings from canning jars), nonstick cooking spray, straws, waxed paper, and yarn.

The boys did great at taking turns pouring in and mixing the ingredients.

Next, we filled the cookie cutters with the bird seed mixture. Drew was the "pounder man," using the bottom of a measuring cup to work the seed into every curve and corner of the mold. Or really, just making a lot of noise.

Reed was the straw man.
(You need to make a hole with the straw so that you have a place to string the yarn to hang the feeder.)

Now, we wait. And wait and wait and wait for them to dry.

We waited so long it was the next day before we could hang them. :)

We ventured out to the trees this morning, to hang our feeders for the birds. As Drew said, "Here bird! Here bird! Here's your food!" and then, "Mom, all the birds heard me and their gonna come flying in to eat! Hang 'em up, quick!"

That's right, birdies. Come and get 'em!

Stay away squirrels!

Another super successful Craft Wednesday! Both boys stuck with the project, didn't get bored, and were able to participate. And as a side, my only investment for this project was the unflavored gelatin (although, I wondered if maybe a little strawberry or orange flavor would've added a little zing...) and the cookie cutters, which I picked up at a garage sale for a buck. For all six.

Garage sales make me smile.
But that's a post for another day...

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