Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Craft Wednesday #3 {Revealed}

Last week, I couldn't share with you the details of our craft as we were working away on a gift for Brad, and as he hadn't received it yet, we didn't want to spoil it. I'm happy to say that Daddy has returned home, and he loves his homemade gift. :)

If you'll remember, I combined a couple different ideas I had found online to create this Father's Day gift - a recycled memory book just for Dad. The book's design was taken from HERE, and the content was taken from HERE.

I had all the pages together, and had our supplies ready, before we started.

Manly colors chosen just for Brad. :)

The first page required the boys to draw a picture of them and Daddy.

They painted the covers of the book

then helped cut letters to glue on the cover.

The end result.
(Reed's is on top; Drew's on the bottom)

Portraits with Dad.
(click on the photos to enlarge)

Questions: round 1.

Questions: round 2.

"Daddy's hands will always be bigger!"

"We love our Daddy!"

{Please go visit my friend Missy at A Day in the Life... She did a much better job at putting this together, and she included photos. I thought about it. Then decided to be lazy. :)}

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