Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Craft Wednesday #1

One of our goals for this summer is to do art projects on Wednesdays. We're doing this for a couple reasons.

1) Who doesn't love doing art projects?!?! We love 'em!
2) A little structure in our days will do us wonders. It will give all of us something to look forward to, as well as bust any summertime boredom we might experience.
3) It's fun. That's reason enough. :)

All of the crafts we do are borrowed from either a blog or a magazine. There's nothing original here. My hope is that I can find things that both boys are able to do, but I know it might be a challenge to find things that are do-able for Reed and interesting enough for Drew. We'll make it work...somehow. I also don't want to invest too much in these projects. I'm working on putting together an art tray similar to this one, that will require some spending up front. But really, how much can googly eyes and pipe cleaners cost??? I have a lot of supplies in my stash already, and my goal is to use those as much as possible.

Which brings us to today's craft... Project #1!

Doesn't this just make you smile???

This idea comes from HERE, which was brought to my attention by my friend, Bridgette (thanks, Bridgette!). It turned out to be the perfect project for both Drew and Reed. AND I had all the supplies on hand - so no money spent! YAY!

We used my stash of small scraps from my scrapbooking paper, scissors, glue, and newsprint.

I drew an outline of a rainbow on the boys' papers.
Then we went to cutting. Drew did all of his own squares, and I did Reed's for him.
Then we glued.

I put glue dots on Reed's paper, and he quickly caught on to putting his colored scraps on.

Drew had a different approach (and a much bigger rainbow than Reed's - per his request). :) As he cut his squares, he laid them out on his paper to see how it looked before gluing them all down.

I was super impressed with Reed. This kept his attention, and he asked for "more goo" when he was ready to stick on more scraps.

Oops! He did get distracted on just a couple occasions, but he didn't stay away long before he came back to continue "gooing".

All done!

Finally getting it all together.

Craft Wednesday #1 = SUCCESS!

It was!
And these rainbows are already making my kitchen art wall very happy. :)

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