Sunday, June 19, 2011

Picture of the Day, Week 24

Sunday {6.12.11)
The boys and I played around with Photo Booth before leaving for church. I could just eat these guys up.

Monday {6.13.11}
Brad and I celebrated our anniversary tonight with dinner at Chili's and a movie. We saw the first Hangover two years ago on our anniversary, so we figured we'd follow it up by watching the second one this time. It was...funny. But gross. But funny. And gross.

Tuesday {6.14.11}
Our anniversary.
Celebrating nine years together.

Wednesday {6.15.11}
Big good-byes for Dad today as he leaves for Grand Rapids, Michigan to attend the General Synod conference. We'll be all alone for seven days. We'll survive. But I may have a lot less hair when Daddy gets back!

Thursday {6.16.11}
I'm hoping Brad brings back a few snapshots from the conference that I can insert here for today's POTD. Cuz I've got nothing.

Friday {6.17.11}
Reinforcements arrive! Grandma and Lauren came today for the weekend, to give me a little reprieve from single parenthood. It was such a welcome visit! Lauren was simply awesome with the boys. She never said no to any of their requests for her attention, was super patient, and is now their current favorite cousin. :)

Saturday {6.18.11}
Both boys kept Grandma and Lauren busy throughout the weekend. Games, toys, swimming, going to the park, bike riding, book reading, even pulling weeds!


  1. Thank Goodness for Grandmas and Laurens :)

  2. How sweet that they came to help you. Happy Anniversary to you, so cool that you saw the both parts of the same movie on your anniversary's. Have a good week.