Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun Food Friday #2

Today's fun snack probably doesn't fit the "healthy" criteria, but it does meet the "easy," "fun," and most importantly, "tasty" criteria!

Pudding Parfaits!

Obviously, these can be made using any variety of ingredients. I happened to receive a mailer earlier in the week from our grocery store that showcased easy, summer foods. This particular parfait was pictured and because I had all the ingredients on hand (and more importantly because I knew the boys liked all of these ingredients!), it worked perfectly.

We used vanilla & chocolate puddings, vanilla wafer cookies (crumbled), sliced bananas, and caramel sauce.

Time to "build your own parfait!"

Looks delish, right?
Unfortunately, we own no such dessert glasses. And oh yeah, I was serving these to children so what difference does it make?

For my children, none. :)

According to Drew, his looks "super good."

And Reed thought his was mighty tasty, as well.

Another FUN fun food Friday!

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