Friday, September 9, 2011

The First Week of School

Well, we survived.

Our first week of school is in the bag.

This isn't saying much, however, considering the first week consisted of two and a half hours of actual school time.

Still.  Success, if you ask me.  Simply because there were no tears.  YAY!

We chose Drew's new preschool on the recommendation of my brother and sister-in-law, who's son attended 5C's last year, and is again this year.  However, if I were being honest...I really just asked them what they liked about the school, they said what I wanted to hear, and then thought, "It'll work for us!"  It's hard enough trying to pick one preschool, but then having to do it twice, knowing that Drew is the one making the biggest adjustment, is daunting.  Always afraid and constantly worried if it's the right choice for him.  Kinda sucks, really.

But really, it's probably a bigger adjustment for me.  I loved Hobby Horse, Drew's preschool in Pekin.  We loved the school.  Loved his class.  LOVED his teachers.  It was a really wonderful place to send Drew, and was exactly what he needed for his first school experience.  And although Drew told us he was going back to Hobby Horse this year, and that I was going to have to drive him there (funny kid), he is adjusting marvelously to his new school, new classroom, and new teachers.

As a new student, Drew was invited to "Meet the Teacher" Thursday night of last week.  Drew, Brad and I met Mrs. Tramp, Drew's lead teacher, and got a little tour of the school.  5C's is a ministry of a local church (just down the road from us - very convenient) and as such, it is God-centered.  This year's theme is based on the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:21-22).
Drew is in the purple class.  He found his name amongst the purple grapes...
and found his new cubby, where he'll keep his coat and backpack.

Drew was shy at first, but soon opened up with Mrs. Tramp, answering her questions and exploring his new classroom.

This last Wednesday, September 7th, was "Hello Day" at 5C's.  The parents came along with the students as the kids had a shortened hour in their classrooms as the preschool director met with the parents to go over the handbook and other various need-to-know kind of things.

We didn't really consider this Drew's first day, considering it was only an hour and we were there with him, but we took our "First Day of School" portraits anyway.

He looks huge compared to last year!

And then today.  Drew's official first day of school.  Two and a half hours all on his own, just for him.  We heard the same song and dance we heard through much of last year - "I don't wanna go to school!" - but thankfully the verbal protest comes without any kind of physical fight to get him there.  He's all talk. :)  I was a little nervous dropping him off; afraid of what kind of spell he would have.  Last year was very dramatic, as he cried and clung to me and yelled as I left him.  And I anticipated much of the same, considering we were in a new place.  But boy did this kid surprise me!  He was nervous.  He wanted me to stay.  He gave me extra kisses and extra hugs.  Because the first part of his class period is spent outside doing large muscle activities, I was able to tell him that I would wave to him from the other side of the gate.  After giving me one last kiss (and bribing him with a special treat after school if he was a good listener and had a great day), I left the playground and he ran over to the fence.  When I made my way to the parking lot, I gave him one last wave, said "have a great day, Buddy!" and blew him a kiss - and he waved good-bye, turned around, and was on his way.

I didn't cry then.  But I might cry now.  Good grief.

I'm just a blubbering mom, full of pride and love for my little man who's growing up so quickly.  Every new thing he learns is like a revelation to me, like I'm learning it all over again.  To see the switch flip when he finally "gets" something is so cool.  He's so smart, and sometimes says things that leave me wondering "how does he know what that means?"  I love school, and I hope that Drew always loves it, too.

After class on Friday...

...the three of us went and picked up Drew...

...and headed to Culver's for lunch, for Drew's first day of school special treat.
{Culver's is great for celebrating anything.  Shoot.  Celebrate Wednesdays just so you can go!}

Here's to the 2011-2012 school year!
Here's to 5C's preschool!
Here's to Drew!

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