Saturday, September 24, 2011

One Last Summer Fling {Project: Rewind}

One of our favorite things about summer is that the boys get to go away to their grandparents houses for some super-special boys only time with Grandmas and Grandpas.  Obviously, Brad and I love this for a much different reason than the boys do, but it definitely falls into the "favorite" category for all of us!  For us, it's always nice to get a break.  And because that can always sound a little harsh, I'll say again what I've said many times - I LOVE my boys.  There are no words that completely define the love I have for them.  It goes beyond, ya know?  But for reals.  It's also that kind of love that can drive me up the stinkin' wall!  And before Mama gets sent's better to send the boys off to a happy place!

But more important than the "time-off" that Brad and I both need at times and very much appreciate, is the time the boys get to spend with their grandparents.  Just them.  For them to enjoy each other's company, deepen their relationships, and create some lasting memories together. 

We squeezed out the last little bit of summer when we sent the boys off to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Pella for their time to spend alone with them.  It was perfect timing for the boys to be gone from home, as Brad and I had still had plenty to pack before we  moved.  The boys were gone from Saturday, August 13 to Thursday, August 18 - returning home just two days before loading up the moving truck.  Drew narrated the pictures below, telling us all about his and Reed's last summer fling.

"Reed was makin' a mess."

"That's when we were playin' with the clothes and messin' 'em all up."

"I don't know what we were doing.  I think we were coloring maybe."

"That's when we went to the playground and Reed was having fun."

"I was crawlin' through the tunnel."

"I was squirting and Reed was watering Grandma's flowers."

"Reed's eating a corn dog."

"Reed found the M&Ms."

"That's when we had a tea party."

"That's when we were playing PacMan and eating pizza on the floor on those little tables and we were wearing our jammies."

"We were wet and I was 'I'm too big for this.'"

"That's when we were playing in the water."

"We were playin' and messin' everything up."

"I'm in the rocket."


"We were blowing bubbles."

"That's when we were bein' crazy on Grandma's chair."

"We were playing with the M&M cards upstairs."

I am so glad for these moments - when it's just the boys with their grandparents.  I know I won't completely understand the love that grandparents have for their grandchildren until I become a grandparent myself (a long, long time from now)...but I catch a glimpse of it when I see our parents look at our boys.

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