Sunday, September 11, 2011

Picture of the Day, Weeks 35 & 36

Sunday {8.28.11}
This could be the POTD for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and on and on and on!  This is a common scene around here.  My dad and my hubby in their respective seats, on their respective computers. I can only imagine what football season is going to bring!

Monday {8.29.11}
Our trip to the Minnesota State Fair!

Tuesday {8.30.11}
This has become common here, as well - some kind of board game or puzzle going on on the floor with any combination of people.  This morning it was Sorry! with Papa, Mom, Drew and (for a little while) Reed.

Wednesday {8.31.11}

Thursday {9.1.11}
"Meet the Teacher" night at Drew's new preschool.  We met Mrs. Tramp, had a tour of the school, and Drew found his grape for the purple class.

Friday {9.2.11} - Monday {9.5.11}
We spent Labor Day weekend at Brad's sister's cabin in Northern Wisconsin, with some of Brad's family.  I chose four of my favorite photos for now, but I think I'll include more photos in our album.


Tuesday {9.6.11}
My mom babysits pretty frequently for my niece and nephew, and I am simply soaking up this time that I get to spend with them.  Today, this sweet girl got cozy with her Uncle Brad.  She couldn't get enough!

Wednesday {9.7.11}
"Hello Day" at school today; a shortened period for Drew to play and get more acquainted with his teachers and classmates while Brad and I attended a parent's meeting.  Not the "official" first day of school, but we took the traditional photos anyway.

Thursday {9.8.11}
Another day to babysit Miss Addy and I had her all to myself!  I could just eat her up!

Friday {9.9.11}
Drew first full day of preschool!  We picked him up just in time for a special first-day-of-school lunch treat at Culvers. :)

Saturday {9.10.11}
Guess who's two and a half today?!?!


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