Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Summer List: In Review {Project: Rewind}

Our plans for summer (via our Summer List) went to the back burner fairly quickly once we learned we'd be moving before the summer's end.  Unfortunately, cleaning and packing became priority (although that's not to say we didn't have fun while doing so.  Well, okay, it wasn't a screamin' good time or anything, but you do what you've gotta do to get through).  We weren't able to fit in a lot of what we were hoping to do, but we did have a mighty good time crossing the other things off our list!

What We Did Do

* Fun Food Fridays

* Craft Wednesdays

* go to the Children's Discovery Museum in Normal, IL

* participate in the library's summer reading program (Drew)
(I don't seem to have a picture for this.  What is wrong with me?!?!)

* vacation Bible school

* Tot Soccer & T-Ball (Drew)

* see Cars 2 in the theater

* send the boys to their grandparents' houses

* backyard water fun

* go on a scavenger hunt

What We Didn't Do

* Kinect bowling tournament

* feed the ducks at the pond

 * fly a kite
(We didn't do this last summer either.  Maybe it shouldn't even make the list...)

* go on a little vacation
(We went on plenty of trips, it seems, but none with all four of us together.)

* picnics at the park

* boating on the lagoon

* photo booth fun

* build a fort

* mini golfing

Oh well.  Looks like we have a good start for next year's list!

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