Monday, September 19, 2011

Project: Rewind

Ok, friends.  I've been in a slump.  This whole moving-and-rearranging-your-life thing is kind of a big deal, no?  Yes, yes it is.  It has kinda taken everything out of me, it seems, and just when I think I'm coming up for air, there are these two cute, little boys here who suck every last morsel of energy right out of me.  The nerve. ;)  But really, it's taken me a bit to get into the swing of things post major-life-changing-event, but I am slowly convincing myself that sleep is good and necessary and hopefully my motivation will return soon.

And motivation would be good considering the 5,124,982 things I have on my "to-do" list.  Everything from scrapbooking to refinishing furniture to organizing my iPhoto library to making the things I actually "pin" on Pinterest - and of course, raising two healthy, well-adjusted boys in the process.  Sleep?  Really?  Such a waste of time...

Oh, and blogging!  Yes, blogging!  I have some major backlog {still} and the list of moments to document just keeps getting longer.  So tomorrow I'll be kicking off my priority project - Project: Rewind.  I'll begin backing up and blogging about the last two months of fun stuff going on with the boys and with us that I haven't had a chance to write about due to our move. (Then in a few weeks I'll change the date of the post because I'm a nerd and like things in order.)  So {hopefully} in the coming days you'll be overwhelmed by all things Vander Waal and be able to catch up with your favorite blondies.

That'd be Drew and Reed.  I realize it's been while.  But not that long.

Sheesh, people.

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