Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where the Boys Were {Project: Rewind}

You've probably caught on by now that when Brad and I are away (which, granted, isn't very often), there is one of two places the boys are: Pella or Mankato.  Being as my parents had hosted the boys at their house just a few weeks prior to our Vegas vacation, ideally the boys would have gone to Pella for their summer "vacation" to Grandma and Grandpa's.  Unfortunately, Brad's parents' cruise to Alaska coincided with our trip, and while the idea of having two little stowaways might have appealed to Grandma, we went the legal route and bribed Grammy and Papa to take the boys again.  They happily, although perhaps hesitantly, obliged. ;)

My annual cousin's weekend was the weekend prior (July 23-25) to our leaving for Vegas, so like last year, the boys got to spend a couple days with their second cousins and great-aunt and great-uncle (my mom's sister was taking care of two of my cousin's kids while we were shopping our little hearts out).  If it's possible to have too much fun, I think these four kiddos did.  Brady, Drew, Reed and Olivia are like the Three Stooges and Pretty Little Princess.  Or the Three Musketeers and Wonder Woman.  I'm really not sure exactly.  But they are so fun to watch together!

 {It was really, really, really hot!}

And then on to Grammy and Papa's house for the rest of the week, where they had more fun with Avery, Addy, and Perry.

 {It just happened to be the week of VBS at Avery's church, so he and Drew got to attend all week long together.  I definitely think this was the highlight of Drew's week!}

{Cheers! with ice cream cones.}

We flew back into Moline on Friday (July 30) around noon, and drove north to my parents' house to spend the remainder of the weekend before heading home.  Vacations are great, and I love time to be away, relax, and step away from being "Mom" for a little while.  But I miss the boys.

And I can't resist these hugs when I see them again!

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