Thursday, March 24, 2011

Growing Up

There are many defining moments in the transition from infancy to toddlerhood to preschooler where I find myself thinking, "My baby isn't a baby anymore!"

Reed has reached one such moment.

Good-bye, crib. Hello, big boy bed!

I was anticipating that this would be a difficult transition for Reed to make. He is soooo different from Drew in so many ways, and Drew made this switch without complaint. I remember that my plan was to have Drew nap in the toddler bed but still sleep at night in his crib, just to ease the transition. Drew had a different idea. After napping in his bed the first time, he didn't want anything to do with his crib anymore. Easy peasy. Drew made this move so effortlessly, I just knew that it was going to be a challenge for Reed (and therefore for me, too!).

We brought up the toddler bed from the basement last week Monday and made room for it in the nursery. (I am in flux trying to decide what do with the boys' rooms. Should they have their own, or share? What beds will they have? What will the theme and colors and decor be? Major decisions, I tell ya. We need to master the big boy bed before we decide on any of that, so that's why the accommodations for Reed remain in his familiar sleep surroundings.) Monday at naptime and at bedtime we encouraged Reed to sleep with Elmo. He'd get in the bed for books and prayers, but then take himself over to the crib and say "up." Tuesday was an unusual day (we had a busy schedule with things happening at odd times) so I left Reed in his room at naptime to see if he'd make his way into his Elmo bed. An hour later, I could still hear the crashing and banging of toys, so into his crib he went. Wednesday at naptime, he finally discovered how comfy Elmo is! I tucked him in to his bed, and as I peeked in from the hallway, he got out of bed, back in, out again, walked through his room, then back into bed and fell asleep. He has kept his naptime date with Elmo ever since.

It was last Thursday night when Reed attempted to sleep in his bed at bedtime. My mom was here with my brother and his family, so she was sharing Reed's room with him. She told me that he slid out of bed and onto the floor three times (without waking) before she decided it would be best to put him in his crib. A few more nights of the same thing (he's a mover, apparently!) until this last Monday night when he slept soundly, and remained on the mattress, all night long.

He's been Zzzzzz-ing well ever since.

All of his friends from the crib have made the move with Reed. Scout, Buttercup, Puppy, Tigger and his two favorite blankets, too.

My baby is really growing up.

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