Saturday, August 25, 2012

Around Town, Part 2

It seems as though we're really getting comfortable in our new town.  Much like last week, we were able to toodle about Midland and experience a few more of the fun things it has to offer.

First up, Sanford Beach.

We trekked out to the beach on Tuesday afternoon for what was scheduled to be one of our summer events for church.  As it turned out, a total of six other people showed up.  This is a bummer as far as church enthusiasm for the beach is concerned; however, it turned out well for us as we were better able to experience the beach as "just us."  The picture above, however, is about as much of the actual beach we Sanford Park also had this...

 Turtle Tides Splash Pad!

It was a hit, especially for moms who are a little less than thrilled with lake swimming.  Thank goodness for alternative water fun!  To be sure, we did build a sandcastle and we dipped our toes in the lake.  Eh, good enough. :)

Another big attraction in town is the Great Lakes Loons; a single A ball team for the LA Dodgers.  We wanted to take in a game before the end of the season next week, so we headed out to Dow Diamond Thursday night.  {Why Thursday?  Dollar dogs and pop.  Aww yeah.}  We made it through the end of the sixth inning before heading home.  It was 10pm by the time the boys crawled into bed, and come to find out, the game went into extra innings.  Good thing we didn't stick it out!

 Another fan gave us a couple coupons for free snow cones.  So nice!

While we do have an awesome little park right across the street from our house, the boys and I decided last week that we should go check out a different park in town (there are several of them!).  This worked out perfectly as our Friday morning play group was gathering at Thrune Park.  Thrune is a bit different from other parks as instead of swings and slides, it is made up of paths and tunnels for kids to ride their three-wheelers on.  It also boasts a small "mist pad" - not a full splash pad; no suits required - but it does provide a bit of a relief from the summer sun.  It is also completely gated in so kids can stay safe while riding about.  There is also ample grass for picnics!

And then today.  Before heading to the library to pick up some new books, we headed downtown to the farmer's market.  I totally loved it there, but it was so busy!  It's apparently a very popular attraction in these parts!  We picked up some sweet corn (which was delicious) and then the boys each got to pick a sweet treat.  An apple muffin for Reed and a cinnamon roll for Drew.  Because while you can buy all the produce and flowers your little heart desires, we go straight for the gut.  Oh boy, do they take after their mother...

One more week of summer!  School starts in 10 days!  Holy cats!

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