Friday, August 17, 2012

This 'n That

There are several things I am taking mental notes of...little things here and there about the boys that don't necessarily warrant an entire blog post, but are fun and cute things that I want to be sure to record somewhere.

So in that spirit, here's a little hodge podge of memories...

Drew's a pretty smart kid.  Just sayin'.  For a while, Brad has been teaching him number games and math equations, including counting by 5's and 10's.  The other day Drew says, "Mom!  We haven't learned to count by 9's yet!"

Once, a while ago, for some reason, I recited "eeny-meeny" when we had to choose between two things.  The boys caught on quick and began reciting it themselves.  Very frequently they find reasons to have to say the poem, even if they have to make something up!

For a short while, Drew had a solid and constant interest in the Avengers.  Specifically, Captain America. And Reed was always the Hulk.

As we are unpacking boxes and rediscovering some of our old things, we've found a drinking cup with Santa on it.  One single, solitary Santa cup.  It became the cup of contention at every meal.  It has now become the bathroom cup... so we can share.  That's mommy-ing at it's finest, folks.  I'm not normally that smart.
{Yipes!  I need to clean!}

Current favorite toy: the Cars cars collection
Current favorite toy at church: the Thomas the Train wooden playset.  Ob.sessed.
Current favorite TV show: Doc McStuffins

Current favorite books: Tacky the Penquin series by Helen Lester.  We're especially fond of Three Cheers for Tacky.

Current favorite music: Yo Gabba Gabba: Music is Awesome! Vol 3.  We don't even watch this show! ????

We've transitioned Luci from sleeping in our room at night to sleeping in the boys' room.  She really really really really likes Reed's bed.  Under it, on top of it - doesn't matter.  She must have a preference for Reed, not just his bed.  She's not a particularly snuggly dog, nor are the boys interested in that, but she sure likes to be near him.

For a while now, Reed likes to squeeze my lips together with his fingers when he kisses me.  Most recently, he wants me to squeeze his too.  Weird.  And so sweet.

Shortly before we moved, the boys had a tattoo fix.  For a few weeks, they had at least two on different appendages.  McQueen? Sure.  Dinosaurs?  Sure.  Girl Scouts?  Why not.

Little boys are silly.  They've caught on to telling jokes, but because they don't know any "real" ones, they make them up.  My favorite is from Reed... "Why did the cow cross the street to the animal farm?  To get to the people store!"  HA!  Of course he did!!!

On parenting:  It's really really really difficult to scold a kid when he's singing "Jesus Loves Me" as a stall tactic to not nap.

And two topics that do, and will, warrant their own blog post...

Reed is not potty trained.  He will not be going to preschool this fall.  He will, however, be enrolled in "Mommy School."  More on that saga some other time...

And...Drew has lost his first tooth!  It was obviously loose the week before we moved, and it finally fell out the day before we left Minnesota.  There's a memorable story behind that one too...
{Drew's teeth are yellow.  Yes, I know.  It bothers me, too.}

These boys...they're such a pair!

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