Saturday, August 18, 2012

Around Town

One of the recurring themes we have heard about Midland since our very first visit here is what a GREAT town it is to raise a family.  After only three weeks here, I concur.  There really are so many great options and opportunities to see and experience things around the area, and I am sure we have only learned about a handful of them!

We have had the chance the last couple days to preview a few of the larger attractions here in town.  On Friday, we went with our play group to Dow Gardens for story hour.  {Click on that link to learn more about the Gardens.  It's 110 acres of pure beauty, and we saw barely a fraction of it.  It's a "must see" when ya'll come to visit us.} :)  

Within the larger Gardens is an area for children, appropriately called The Children's Garden.  It is there where we had story hour on Friday.  It was "Super Heroes" themed, so the kids were encouraged to wear their super capes.  After we listened to two stories about Super Heroes, we were able to do a craft (make super masks) and play a few large muscle games.  It took us a bit to complete the craft and the adults got a bit caught up in conversation, so we opted out of the games and instead took a slow walk back to the parking lot.  But anyway, it was pretty sweet.  So much to see and do at the Gardens {there are tons of activities for kids within the Children's Garden} and we've purchased our yearly passes so we'll be heading back there a lot!

 Listening intently.

 Brad spent the morning with us, which we were all thrilled about. He even took it upon himself to be the mask-maker.  Free-handed these bad boys.  Wondering if Drew can breathe through that baby... :)  

 And Reed stood eye-to-eye with a really big pig.
Oink oink.

Again, the entire place is a dream.  I'll be sure to share when we go back for more.

The second attraction we were able to make a short visit to today is the Midland Center for the Arts.  It is a theater/concert hall/science exhibit/art gallery (and probably much more) all in one.  One of the exhibits they have had this summer is Bob the Builder, and upon the invitation of a church member (Kris) who is a member at the Center for Arts, we were able to experience the exhibit ourselves {as a member, she can invite us to come with her and we won't have to pay.  Free is good.}  The boys and I met up with Kris mid-morning (Brad was up all night at an event with the church youth so he was sleeping while we were playing), and had an absolutely awesome time building with Bob!

And we apparently visited at the right time... on Saturday mornings kids can do a Lowe's "build-it" project while at the exhibit.  It was my favorite part and both boys were pretty keen on it.

 What did they build?

 Piggy banks!

Pretty sweet.

So, let's see here.  We've already made some pretty awesome friends.  And we've done a few sweet things.  And we've seen some spectacular stuff.

Yep.  It's pretty great here.  

I'm smitten.

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