Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Project Life...Eventually

{The boys thumbing through our 2012 Project Life Album.}

As you can imagine, I have some serious catching up to do for Project Life.  I have had the album out the last few nights, slowing working on it after the boys go to bed.  It's hard to concentrate on anything for any length of time, as we try to unpack boxes, paint, work on other home projects, maintain the house, go to work/church, and raise two children. ;)  Little by little...and very slowly...things are coming together in every aspect, but it will take a while before I feel like I'm on top of things.

With so much on my mind and so much to do, I haven't thought much about taking many photos.  Unfortunately.  {I have barely any pictures from our move...seriously.  Such a huge event, and I have maybe three.  Pitiful.}  Which may mean that the past couple weeks will be documented with words instead of photos.  I have tried to take notes of all that has happened and when, so things can be recorded, and slowly I'll begin trying to piece things together to make them coherent for our album!

In the meantime, here are a few photos I'll share for now...and my fingers are crossed that come this Sunday, I'll be back to regular posting!

I will give a preview of our new home soon, and once you see the "before" pictures you'll see that there's a lot of painting to do around here!  (Unless you like the bland, beige color.)  I tackled the bathroom first and it is turning out rather nicely. :)  {There's a lot left to do, however, so don't expect many "after" pictures for quite a while!}

I made a huge goal for myself for once we actually got into our new house...cook!  I don't mind the task of cooking (except that it takes two seconds to eat what takes over an hour to prepare and clean up!), we just have an insanely difficult time deciding what to eat.  So, I've been meal planning and cooking up a storm since we moved, which has included a handful of new recipes.  These mini meatloaves were awesome - even Drew asked for seconds! {Oh, and check out that fancy dinnerware - our normal, nice, regular dinner plates don't fit in our dishwasher, so unless we're having company, plastic it is!}

 Although I have been cooking more than usual, we have still ordered a pizza or two and have gone out to eat a couple times as well...but only when we've had company!  Brad's parents were here last week, and we decided to hit a local place for dinner.  And we just happened to go on a Tuesday. :)  It was really, really good!  {And look at those clouds!  We ended up with five inches of rain over the course of two days!}

 Our first visit to the Chippewa Nature Center with a play group from church.  It was raining so we weren't able to get out onto the trails, but they had just as many activities to do inside.  We'll be back many, many times, I'm sure.

 And we also made our first visit to our local library.  Ah.may.zing!  This is just a part of the children's picture books collection they have!  And they have several areas of children's educational play activities.  I see us coming here a lot!

 Oh Reed.  This picture just kinda speaks for itself.

 Cars Cars Cars!
Both boys, everyday.  Sometimes together, sometimes apart.  So so thankful that our investment in this huge collection is paying off!

My current project - refinishing this bad boy.  It's a huge desk (for those that haven't seen it in person) and I'm working to transform it into something that looks more like THIS.  I hope to have it completed by the end of this week.  Fingers crossed!

There you have it....a tiny peek into "us" right now.  Thanks for sticking with us.  More soon!

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